Caribbean Smoothies: Fun, Healthy and Delicious Island Inspired Smoothies...

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Taste the tropics one smoothie at the time with exciting fruit smoothies, healthy healing smoothies, and power-up with protein shakes, keep it lean with island style green smoothies and tuck into those festive dessert smoothies. Lose weight with Island Style Green Smoothies Add more fruit into your family's diet with Fruity Island Blends Make whole food protein shakes for pre and post workout Repair & Detox with Healing Smoothies Indulge smartly with Caribbean Dessert Smoothies Caribbean Smoothies invites you to the place where it all began, in the tropics! When you think about the best ingredients for smoothies come from the islands and a Caribbean Smoothie is special from its composition to the complex blends that make your taste buds sing. With recipes like Pina Colada Smoothie, Passion Fruit Dance, Nopal Fat Burner, Mango Maiden, Pineapple Lemongrass Breeze & Caribbean Flu Shot. WITH FULL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS

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