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Caribbean Sociology: Introductory Readings

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This is the first text for undergraduate students which presents in a comprehensive collection the works of Caribbean scholars in the form of an indigenous sociology. The result is a single volume bringing together for students, tutors and researchers a significant body of Caribbean sociological literature which is either scattered, unpublished, out of print or otherwise difficult to access.

The 12 sections which make up this volume are preceded by general introductions giving an overview of the development of Caribbean sociological research and thought, with appropriate readings which expand on these themes. 



There is now a significant body of Caribbean sociological literature much of which is either scattered, difficult to access or out of print. Caribbean Sociology: Introductory Readings addresses the problem by bringing the literature together in single volume. This comprehensive collection is divided into 12 sections beginning with a general introduction which reviews Caribbean sociological development. Following this a section exploring Caribbean social theory comprising classic pieces by founding fathers of Caribbean sociology as well essays examining the contribution of Caribbean scholars to the emergence of an indigenous sociology ad social science. Ensuing sections delve into traditional themes such as social stratification, ethnicity, culture and identity, women and gender and education, as well as emerging discussions on domestic violence, child and sexual abuse, labour market conditions, population and demographic change and indigenous African derived religions. The final section deals with the broad area of social change and development which encapsulates the debate on modernisation and development in the region. This Reader is primarily intended for undergraduate sociology students but will prove useful for courses in Caribbean sociology at several different levels.