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Competition Law in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy

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Competition Law in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy provides a comprehensive introduction to and overview of this emerging area of law, discussing both the current context and potential directions for future development. The book provides an account of major topics in the law, including the economics of competition law; enterprise; enforcement; regulation; and obligations of member states. It traces the progression of the law from the 2006 Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, charting the main developments such as the establishment of CARICOM Competition Commission (CCC), and examining the emerging case law in this important and fast-growing area.

Offering the first major exploration of Caribbean Competition law, this text will be an essential resource for lawyers, businesspersons, and students of the law in the Caribbean.

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EC Competition Law /3E

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Ideal for students studying competition law in its European context, this book guides students through a wide range of carefully selected cases and materials with exceptional analysis and comment. The selection of writings has been chosen to present the most important perspectives on the subject as well as the broader socio-economic context of EC competition law.
This third edition has been fully updated with all the recent developments within EC Competition Law since 2004, including coverage of the review of Article 82 and the green paper on damages, as well as further information on US anti-trust law. Each chapter now begins with a 'central issues' section which helps students to focus and direct their learning. Cases and Materials on EC Competition Law provides a wide-ranging and thorough guide to the study of Competition Law, enabling students to engage with both legal and economic aspects and making it ideal for both under and postgraduate courses on EC Competition Law.

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EU Competition Law, Text, Cases and Materials /4E

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By providing a careful selection of case law and journal opinion combined with penetrating analysis, critique and commentary, EU Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides a stand-alone guide that really helps the reader get to grips with this challenging area of law.
This fourth edition has been fully updated to cover recent developments within EU competition law including the implications for state aid following government bail-outs of the banking sector, the Commission Guidance Paper on the application of Article 82, and all of the major cases including France Telecom v Commission (2008) and the record breaking actions brought against Microsoft and Intel.
Online Resource Centre
This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which provides:
. Two additional chapters on State Aids and also The European Community and the Competition Provisions
. Regular updates allowing the reader to follow the changes and developments to EC competition law that occur after publication
. A selection of annotated web links offer the ideal introduction to online research and further study
. Appendix material from the European Commission including relevant articles from the EC Treaty along with a selection of rules, guidelines and notices"

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EU Competition Law: Text, Cases & Materials /5E

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EU Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides a complete guide to European competition law in a single authoritative volume. Carefully selected extracts from key cases, academic articles, and statutory materials are accompanied by in-depth commentary and critique from two experienced academics in the field. Thorough footnoting and referencing give a tour of the available literature, making this and ideal text for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as competition law scholars engaged in specialized study.

Online Resource Centre
The text is accompanied by an online resource centre containing an additional chapter on State Aid, an interactive map and timeline of the EU, web links, and updates in the law.

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