Essential Haematology/6E

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Essential Haematology is established as themost authoritative introduction to haematology. Beautifully presented, it introduces the formation and function of blood cells and diseases that arise from dysfunction and disruption of these processes. Basic science, diagnostic tests, clinical features and management are all clearly explained. The book outlines the basic principles of clinical and laboratory haematology and shows how manifestations of blood diseases can be explained by new knowledge of the disease processes.

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Haematology: A Core Curriculum

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This textbook is written by a renowned haematologist with more than 30 years of experience in teaching haematology to medical students and whose pedagogical and writing skills are widely admired within the field. Following closely the current curriculum of Imperial College London, medical students, trainee nurses and biomedical science students from other institutions will find the textbook equally suitable, since it includes the core student haematology curriculum as recommended by the Royal College of Pathologists and the British Society of Haematology expert group. This text will be equally suitable for students outside the Uk. The textbook takes a useful, practical approach, incorporating self-evaluation questions and learning objectives that give students not only the information needed to understand the topic but also clear indications on the core knowledge that students are required to know in order to progress within the field of haematology.

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