Education & HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean

Education & HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean
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"Whilst a cure for HIV/AIDS continues to elude scientists, the number of HIV/AIDS cases continues to increase. Education becomes the key to curtailing the spread of the disease. Education and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean describes the impact of HIV/AIDS on education in both the global and Caribbean contexts and outlines the lessons to be learnt from the global experience. The aim of the book is not only to highlight the role of education in HIV/AIDS prevention but also to look specifically at the education sector, its role and response, as well as the management of the response. It also intends to ensure that the education sector recognises the crucial role it must play in reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS. The text is complete with illustrations on the socioeconomic, health and gender aspects of the disease, and is a useful resource for anyone wanting to obtain precise information about the impact of the disease in the Caribbean. "

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