Environmental Chemistry 2E
91.20 BBD

Guiding us through the chemical composition of the three key environmental systems--the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and terrestrial environment--the authors explain the chemical processes which occur within and between each system. Focusing on general principles, we are introduced to the essential chemical concepts which underpin an understanding of the air, water, and soil and how they behave; careful explanations ensure that clarity is not sacrificed at the expense of thorough coverage of the underlying chemistry.
We then see how human activity continues to affect the chemical behavior of these environmental systems, and what the consequences of these natural processes being disturbed can be.
Environmental Chemistry: A Global Perspective takes chemistry out of the laboratory and shows us its importance in the world around us. With illuminating examples from around the globe, its rich pedagogy, and broad, carefully structured coverage, this book is the perfect resource for any environmental chemistry student wishing to develop a thorough understanding of their subject.
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