Fields of Death

50.00 BBD

It is an exotic island in the sun, but the crime rate is escalating, causing great concern to everyone. Neil 'the X-Man' Boyce is ordered to investigate the many gun-related murders in Barbados. Then the unimaginable happens, beginning with the discovery of a young female's body in a place and condition invoking an unforgettable past and an obscure, evil history. Now the X-Man will be faced with the investigation of his career as he seeks to unravel the mystery behind a series of sadistic, cult-like murders, while he encounters a ruthless serial killer. This is a crime story with style and substance. The author has captured the very essence of the frightening saga which unfolded on an otherwise peaceful, picturesque island in the Caribbean not long ago. And just when we thought we had rid ourselves of the painful memories, he brings it home again, lest we forget.

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