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The Foundations of European Union Law provides an impressively clear and easily understood account of the constitutional and administrative law of the EU. Hartley examines the institutions, the Union legal system and the major constitutional issues before moving on to the area of administrative law and remedies including the workings of the European Court and the Court of First Instance.
The Treaty of Lisbon has brought about one of the most important reforms of EU law since the early days of European integration. In addition to significant institutional changes, the Treaty creates a new legal structure that will require lawyers and students of EU law to think in different terms. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to provide a clear and simple explanation of the basic principles of EU law as they have been recast by the Treaty of Lisbon. The important conceptual and functional changes introduced by the treaty are explained, showing how the new legal principles form a coherent system.
Online Resource Center
This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Center containing a wealth of additional learning aids:
An interactive map of Europe with hot-spots on all EU Member States provides factual information on each country.
A timeline of the EU traces key dates in EU legal history.
Video clips from the EU archive demonstrate the important historical context behind EU law helping students to appreciate the wider aspects of the EU's development.
Web links to useful sources of information provide the ideal platform to online research.

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