General Elections and Voting in the English-Speaking Caribbean
59.30 BBD

"General Elections and Voting in the English-Speaking Caribbean, 1992-2005 provides a historical description and analytical account of elections and election processes in the Commonwealth Caribbean in the six decades since the introduction of Universal Adult Suffrage in the region. The Book studies the first decade of the twenty-first century and includes countries like Anguilla, The Bahamas, Belize and Guyana whose electoral records have not previously been accessible in a single source for the purpose of historical and comparative analysis. However, the work goes further in updating the story of Caribbean elections, political parties and the overall democratic experience, the authors address new and emerging issues including Political Party Financing, Women and Electoral Politics, Caribbean Governance and the overall effectiveness and suitability of the Westminster Model for all the territories of the region. Comprehensive, up to date and current, General Elections and Voting in the English Speaking Caribbean is a valuable compendium of statistical data for political analysts and party officials as well as an indispensable text for students and others interested in the evolution, transformation and the prospect for Caribbean democracy into the twenty-first century and beyond. "