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Inorganic Experiments 2E

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Renew your inorganic chemistry lab course. This completely revised and enlarged second edition of the classic now includes over 20 new experiments reflecting modern research, with many of the compounds only having very recently been described. The book offers detailed descriptions of more than 80 experiments, ranging from undergraduate to graduate level, covering organometallic, main group, solid state and coordination chemistry. Almost all reaction types, laboratory techniques and classes of compounds which constitute current curricula are exemplarily represented.

University teachers from all over the world have contributed experiments, each of which has been thoroughly tested. Special safety instructions are provided in each case, with highly hazardous substances substituted by less harmful ones wherever possible. The products are characterized by modern spectroscopic techniques and the book also includes exercises, questions and hints for further reading. A whole new set of experiments considers new knowledge gained by science education research: Discovery-oriented open-end experiments that resemble real research, allowing both teachers and students a more fascinating and efficient approach to standard courses in inorganic chemistry, already training the group-oriented approach to research carried out in academic and industrial settings.