Inward Stretch Outward Reach

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This is a collection of essays which further Professor Nettleford's exploration of Commonwealth Caribbean cultural identity and the quest for intellectual and cultural independence. Written at different times over the past two decades, the essays are presented with recurring themes which endeavour to explain in part the Caribbean's chequered past, define certain aspects of the current crisis and point directions towards a tolerable future. Collectively, the essays constitute a cultural statement with an historical perspective, and should provide essential reading for native West Indians, students of the Caribbean and of the African diaspora, and those interested in the issues of post-colonial cultural practices and cultural studies generally. The collection also reflects current European discussions and the extensive dialogue in the USA on multi-culturalism. Other books by Rex Nettleford include "Mirror Mirror: Identity, Race and Protest in Jamaica", "Manley and the New Jamaica", "Caribbean Cultural Identity", "Dance Jamaica: Cultural Definition and Artistic Discovery", "Rastafarians in Kingston, Jamaica" (with M.G. Smith and F.R. Augier) and "The University of the West Indies: A Caribbean Response to the Challenge of Change" (with Peter Sherlock).