Milk Making (Hard Cover)

29.38 BBD

Book 2 of the Pilly the Pelican Book Series takes us on a fun, rhyming journey through the ‘Dairy Chain’ in twenty-eight marvellous illustrations that teach readers about the making of milk. 

Bert the Bull has come to Barbados from the Netherlands, and leads Pilly and young readers through this story of moo-oooving milk “from grass to glass”. Pilly visits the farm, the factory, the supermarket, the classroom and the playground with Bert’s cow family, Errol the Egret and other friends. 

 Adults and children will enjoy learning about milk’s health benefits and other interesting dairy details in the “Milk Making Facts” section. This book perfectly combines agriculture, dairy science and engineering to deliver a fun and comprehensive children's story-book on one of the world’s most important foods – milk!