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Organic Spectroscopy

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This introduction to the application of spectroscopic techniques in organic chemistry presupposes very little foreknowledge in the reader and begins at a level suitable for the early student. The main body of each chapter is supplemented by work on more recondite and recent work in the field.;Chapter 1 takes a look at the electromagnetic spectrum, and introduces the unifying relationship between energy and the main absorption techniques.;The next four chapters deal with the four mainstream spectroscopic methods - methods which together have completely altered the face of organic chemistry in little over a decade and a half. Most students will use infra-red spectroscopy first, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy will follow. Electronic spectroscopy is more limited in scope, and mass spectroscopy is the most recent and , in general, the most expensive. The final chapter provides both worked and problem examples in the application of these techniques, both singly and jointly.;An ELBS/LPBB edition is available