Politics in a Half Made Society: Trinidad & Tobago 1925-2001

Politics in a Half Made Society: Trinidad & Tobago 1925-2001
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"Politics in a Half Made Society tells the story of contemporary politics in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. The book provides a narrative and analytical account beginning in 1925, when the first elections were held, and continuing up to 2001 with the two major political parties in a historical deadlock for which formal constitutional arrangement did no cater. The book is divided into four sections, each underlining the important stages of Trinidad's political history, Part One - Prelude to Self-government - deals with Trinidad's move towards the establishment of party politics between 1925 and 1953; Part Two - The Long Reign of Eric Williams - recounts the political shrewdness of this prime minister and the peculiar challenges he faced while in power; Part Three - Paved with Good Intentions: The Rise and Fall of the National Alliance for Reconstruction - examines the failure of the Chambers administration to sustain the political and economic gains made during the Williams years, covers the attempted coup of 1990 and assesses the NAR's performance; Part Four - Toward Stalemate: Structural Adjustment, Indian Arrival and Slim Majorities - looks at the political configuration of the 1990s after structural adjustment and Basdeo Panday's coming to power. "

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