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Quantitative Research in Linguistics

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This textbook presents a comprehensive introduction to analysing quantitative linguistic data. Starting with an in-depth examination of what quantitative data is, and how it differs from qualitative data, the book examines what the linguist is trying to find out through analysing data, and how quantitative techniques can help him or her to arrive at meaningful and accurate conclusions.
The book introduces: - using statistics, variables, reliability of data, describing data, analysing data, testing hypotheses and dealing with problematic data. Each chapter includes graphs and figures explaining theory through worked examples, chapter summaries, and exercises to aid student understanding. An appendix containing a summary of statistical formulae, excel commands and statistical tables is included and is an invaluable resource.

Presenting a down-to-earth and readable introduction to quantitative research, this book is a useful how-to guide for students encountering quantitative data for the first time, or for postgraduates embarking on linguistic research projects.

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