Teleford Georges: A Legal Odyssey
93.85 BBD

Telford Georges was one of the most distinguished jurists the Caribbean region has produced. Renown throughout the Caribbean and beyond for his erudition, his mastery of the language and techniques of legal reasoning and above all, his integrity and total independence from political influences, Telford Georges was in high demand as a Chairman of Commissions of Enquiry and, at a more informal level, as a public speaker on important legal issues. This book traces his life story form the childhood years in Dominica, through the years of practice in Trinidad and Tobago, followed by the Tanzania and Zimbabwe years and culminating in The Bahamas period. Transcribed conversations with Telford as included in which the reader is given many fascinating insights into the judicial thought processes and Georges' views on a number of controversial issues. Some of Telford Georges' most significant judgments dealing with a wide variety of legal issues in both public and private law areas, which stand as a major contribution to Caribbean jurisprudence are included. Finally, the book presents a selection of Georges' addresses and lectures on topics of interest not only to lawyers, but to the wider public.

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