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World Wide Destinations Case Book - The Geography of Travel and Tourism

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Worldwide Destinations: the geography of travel and tourism casebook provides over 40 comprehensive case studies of international tourism destinations. A companion text to the core textbook Worldwide Destinations 4th edition, these cases contextualise the learning and provide real life illustrations of the theories covered.

Cases are drawn from all regions of the world and include:

* London Docklands: waterfront regeneration and tourism development
* Adventure Tourism in Scandinavia
* Cultural Tourism in Madrid
* Safari Tourism in Zimbabwe
* Attractions tourism in New York City
* The impact on tourism in Asia
* Pro poor tourism initiatives

The text provides thorough guidance on using the case studies for maximum benefit to both students and lecturers, with assignments and study tips for each case.

* A companion text to the leading textbook Worldwide Destinations now in its fourth edition.
* Comprises over 40 international case studies
* User friendly, providing hints and tips on how to use case studies as a method of learning, and what can be drawn from each case