Junqueira's Basic Histology: Text & Atlas/12E

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Featuring more than 1000 state-of-the-art photographs and drawings, Junqueira's has been the leading text in medical histology and microscopic anatomy for more than three decades. This twelfth edition has been revised to feature a new full-colour presentation, new art, and the addition of an online learning center.


Junqueira's Basic Histology: Text and Atlas/13E

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The histology text the medical field turns to first -- authoritative, concise, beautifully illustrated, and completely up-to-date

More than 600 full-color illustrations

For more than three decades, Junquiera's Basic Histology has been unmatched in its ability to explain the relationship between cell and tissue structure with their function in the human body. Updated to reflect the latest research in the field and enhanced with more than 600 full-color illustrations, the thirteenh edition of Junqueira's represents the most comprehensive and modern approach to understanding medical histology available anywhere.

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Last's Anatomy: Regional and Applied /12E

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This regional textbook of anatomy is aimed at trainee surgeons and medical students. Throughout it is rich in applied clinical content, knowledge of which is essential for both clinical examination and surgical procedures. Although regional in approach each chapter is structured to clearly explain the structure and function of the component systems. For this new edition the illustrations have been extensively re-drawn in full colour.

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