A Caribbean Tale
24.00 BBD

When a young Caribbean boy, born into poverty and abandoned by teenage parents, stumbles upon the international bestseller, The Power of Positive Thinking, he vows to make it the bible that would guide his path to a life of prosperity.

Despite devastating academic failures, he predicts before incredulous classmates, a successful career in accountancy, citing the name of his future employer a British telecommunications giant with deep colonial roots. And during moments of repose he d visualize his future bride, a beautiful girl from a different world, totally oblivious of his affection.

Against formidable odds, he sets out on an ill-prepared trip to London to pursue his dreams. But nothing goes according to plan. Meeting his mother and half-siblings for the first time leaves permanent scars. The search for his father proves futile. A bout of blindness all but crashes his dreams.

When he finds himself marooned in the seemingly desolate city in the depth of a bitter English winter, and facing destitution, he d have to summon more than The Power of Positive Thinking to see him through.

How long would it be before he returned to his island home to fulfill his destiny, and claim his heart s desire still oblivious of his affection?

The fateful events of 9/11 stir in him a profound desire to unlock the vaults of history. Private investigators unearth his father living good in London, a successful man with haunting secrets of a past life hidden from his loving family ... pictures buried in an attic ... a grandmother on a nearby island grieving her recently departed husband who d never seen his grandson ...

All the while, his relentless ambition profoundly reshapes his goals, his life, and just might redefine a generation.

Lush, evocative, and deeply humane, the critically acclaimed A Caribbean Tale is a compelling non-fiction novel spanning decades, of hope and dreams, triumph and disaster, and the lessons of life and of living.

Highly recommended for those who dare to dream.